Online Course

South Carolina Duct & Envelope Tightness Verification Training has partnered with Home Energy Partners to offer an online course for Module I of the two part SCDET Verifier Certification Program.


Module II is a field exam that is given at various dates throughout the year. Both Modules are required to receive the DET Verifier Certification.

Home Energy Partners’ online, on-demand training works at your pace and on your schedule. All videos and presentations are recorded by our Building Science experts utilizing years of industry experience and knowledge. Watch the videos as often as you want, as many times as you want, for maximum comprehension.

Have a question during the class?

Ask the experts in our user forums and expect an answer within 24 hours. Interact with other students in by responding to questions and offering tips from what you’ve learned.

Complete the training at your own pace, at the times that work best for your schedule, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection! Sign up now for instant access to our online courses and forums.

Quizzes and Testing

You’ll be quizzed on each module after its completion, so you’re sure you grasped the key concepts of each section. At the end of the course, you’ll be tested on your comprehensive understanding of the building science, testing preparation, protocols, and calculaitons required to be a DET Verifier. This test must be completed successfully in order to obtain your certification. But, don’t worry. You’ll be well prepared after completing the training modules and quizzes.


When class is over, the training and support continues!

This class comes with unlimited access to our detailed how-to video series for both Energy Conservatory and Retrotec equipment. So, when you finally get your equipment and need a refresher, you’ll have all of the info you need to get up and running fast.

Class also includes unlimited online forum support, where you can find answers to questions you have when you’re performing the testing in the real world.


The training will prepare you with the knowledge you need to:

  • Meet the 2009 IECC code requirements for duct testing for your projects.
  • Meet the 2012 IECC code requirements for building envelope testing
  • Offer duct testing to HVAC contractors and builders in your area
  • Meet ENERGY STAR Version 3 duct testing and building envelope requirements
  • Reduce risks of costly callbacks
  • Improve comfort and efficiency for your clients


The training covers:

    • Duct testing protocols & standards
    • Building envelope testing protocols & standards
    • Pros and cons of different duct testing methods
    • In-depth videos illustrating the two main brands of blower doors and duct testers on the market
    • How to complete the calculations needed for the code forms
    • How to track down the location of duct leaks
    • How the new code relates to the duct testing and envelope requirements of ENERGY STAR Version 3