SCDET Course Registration


Register for the SCDET Verifier Training Course. This two module course consists of a Classroom or Online course (Module I) as well as a Field Testing Training (Module II). Both Modules must be completed to receive your credential. The $300 fee for the course includes both Modules as well as all course materials.

Visit the SCDET Course Description Page for more information about the scope of the training.

**** Please Note: We will allow professionals carrying HERS Rater certification, Building Performance Institute (BPI) Air Conditioning and Heat Pump and BPI Heating Professional certification to challenge the written examination for DET.  The test is scheduled for one hour and can be scheduled without or separately from a training class.  The fee for the test and to be listed as a certified DET Verifier will be $85.00.  Register to Challenge the Exam

Additionally, Professionals carrying BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional or Mobile Home certification are allowed to take a one-day Module II class that covers material and testing protocol not covered in BPI BA training. Participants will be required to take both written and field examinations.  The fee for this class will be $180.00.  Register for Module II Only ****